Buyers Guide – Designer Outdoor Trends in 2023

Say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023 with some fresh inspiration.

outdoor furnitureAt Shadowspec we’re passionate about outdoor spaces, outdoor design and outdoor furniture. We’ve spoken to designers in our circles about what their predictions are for the upcoming year.

In this year's almanack we’re going to focus on some upcoming trends in colour and materials as well as the growth of curved shapes melding in with nature. Please enjoy our investigation into trends and a buying guide for quality outdoor furniture.

1. Greek-Inspired Touches

Resist modernity and seek aesthetic zen with greek inspired outdoor assets. White marble continues to be a theme running through outdoor spaces and this year looks for that to pivot back towards traditional marble uses with greek-inspired sculptures to accentuate spaces.

2. Teak and Aluminium

Teak is always popular, strong, clean and beautiful - you’ll find the decks of super yachts all over the world kitted out with teak timber decks. Combined with sleek metals such as aluminium, these affluent design choices can be pulled into your backyard by making furniture selections that reflect that.

3. Garden Fountains

Fountains are back as part of a wide ranging theme that you’re no doubt starting to pick up on. A lot of modern outdoor space designs in 2023 will start adding water features to their gardens to evoke a sense of cleanliness, serenity and calm.

 4. Wall Mounted Umbrellas

retreat residentialCreating a backyard space that is usable and comfortable has always been a push-and-pull and with a wall mounted umbrella you can take advantage of your space by not taking up valuable floor space. Coupled with the rotation and tilt capacity of a wall mounted umbrella, your backyard will be ready for 2023 with quality outdoor shade.

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5. White Garden Planting Schemes

Tonality is important in any design and this year we’re seeing a push for not only white furniture and fixings but white flowers and plants blooming. This adds fresh tone against the greenery, it’s an interesting and dynamic way to add life and health to an outdoor space.

6. Urban Zen Gardens

Outdoor furniture 2023Ahh, zen. What better way to enjoy your backyard space than a dedicated place for relaxation and reflection. Zen gardens are a growing trend in 2023 and are the key to creating an outdoor space that has purpose.

7. Fire Tables

Bring warmth and function to your backyard with fire tables. In 2023 fire tables will start to burn their way to prominence. Combining the convenience of a BBQ with the class and warmth of a fire pit, fire tables are on trend and should be one of your top purchases this year to upgrade your backyard.

8. Viva Magenta

Pantone's colour of the year is Viva Magenta. Each year Pantone releases a colour of the year that focuses designers on the future with colours that excite and inspire. We’re quite partial to the colour of the year 2018 but his vivid red-purple is a brilliant colour that you can incorporate into your outdoor designs. Consider it for plants, pots or furniture. The Magenta tone pairs well with neutral grey-greens and warm greys. Consider pairing it with Taupe from Sunbrella on your outdoor furniture and Outdoor Umbrella.

9. Outdoor Furniture - Comfort is King

Outdoor furniture is key to creating a trendy outdoor patio in 2023. We’re enjoying seeing quality, hand-made products making a comeback and outdoor designs are better for it. Flimsy and cheap furniture is never on trend. We like to see outdoor spaces combining quality furniture with quality accessories. If you’re going to purchase a quality table setting, don’t settle for a cheap umbrella. You’re better to pair it with a strong umbrella that’s wind tested.

10. Garden Sculptures

outdoor furnitureIf a fountain isn’t quite your speed, look to a classy and stoic sculpture to enhance your outdoor space. Sculptures are a great way to upgrade your space and are returning to popularity within the outdoor design space. We’re big fans of semi-hidden sculptures that will delight visitors when they discover a hidden secret in your garden.

11. Curved Pieces

In previous years we’ve seen the trends leaning towards straight line, clean edged and defined areas. The end of the straight line appears to be nigh and curved features such as garden edges and furniture are heading back into vogue. Look for classy curves in your outdoor furniture in 2023.

12. Outdoor Kitchen

The most important addition to your backyard in 2023 will be an outdoor kitchen.  There aren’t very many additions to backyards that can make as much of an impact as a backyard kitchen. Add a bbq, fridge and even beer on tap to your outdoor space to create an unbeatable experience to share with your friends and family.

13. Consider New Fabrics

If you’re looking to create a luxury outdoor space we suggest looking at the trends from hotels and resorts. This is a great way to learn from some great architects and designers in the same way as you’ll style your outfits based on fashion shows. We’re big fans of neutral tones combined with pops of colour this year and look for these trends to be brought over from luxury resorts into patios. Sunbrella is a great place to start, their fabrics are designed for upholstery, shade and marine. Available in every colour you’ll be able to mix and match all within the range. Our favourite sunbrella colours this year are pomegranate, forest green and oyster.

14. Classy Lighting

Lighting is important and adding the right type to your outdoor space is key to generating a space that inspires and invites. Look to solar LED lights to enhance pathways and inbuilt lighting on your structures. Even the classy portable LED speaker lamps are on trend. Outdoor umbrellas can also be a great source of outdoor lighting using built in light technology to brighten up those long summer evenings.

15. Inviting Spa Pools

Outdoor furniture 2023What’s a backyard without an opportunity to take a dip? Adding a pool or spa to your backyard is an evergreen method of creating an on trend, usable space. Pools create a focal point in your outdoor space and give you something to point your furniture at and create a space that you can entertain and enjoy all day long.

16. Sustainable Furniture

Sustainability is important for the future of the planet. There are plenty of quality, strong and aesthetic sustainable outdoor furniture options available. Outdoor tables made from replenished teak forests, outdoor umbrellas designed to last more than one season and biodegradable cushion stuffing are all great ideas to keep your space sustainable for the future.

17. Architectural Simplicity

It is easy to get complicated when conceptualising, designing and implementing outdoor design ideas. You can include intricate details, however, the trends for 2023 indicate that simplicity is king. Two-to-three block colours and/or materials combined with one-or-two stand out materials. Keeping these concepts in mind when planning your outdoor space will do wonders for you to emulate the trends of 2023.

18. Going Vertical

Vertical planters are a great way to make effective and stand out features in outdoor patios that may be more confined in their dimensions or scope. You can also use them as classy partitions to break up your outdoor space. Combined with a wall mounted umbrella you’ll be able to create the perfect vertical outdoor area.

19. Cottage Gardens.

outdoor furnitureThe age of the cottage is upon us and we’re seeing the regrowth of cottage gardens trending in 2023. The concept is simple, use all of your space. Create bio-diverse, creative outdoor spaces that are both rustic and modern by juxtaposing materials from aluminium and teak furniture with perennial flowers and trains of flowering vines. Informal and interesting, natural pathing will also enhance your cottage-core space and ensure your gatherings will stand-out with a different experience every time.

20. Cantilever Umbrellas, Outdoor Umbrellas - Shade defined.

Outdoor umbrellas are the perfect partner for outdoor spaces. Strong and dynamic, an umbrella will set you up for a great time all year round. Cantilever umbrellas are on trend again in 2023, combining clever technology and designer colours, the Shadowspec Serenity is a great backyard umbrella.

21. Zoned Areas - So Much Room for Activities

Do you have a wide, narrow or odd shaped space and you’re not sure what to do with it? This is a fantastic opportunity to create zoned areas. You can develop a modular or set space depending on how you foresee using it. By creating clever zones you’ll be able to maximise the time you spend outside. Lounge chairs with coffee tables, tables and chairs near the BBQ. Create comforting and recognisable zones in 2023.

22. Broken Stone Walkways

Shadowspec Unity TaurangaNavigating your backyard and patio is important and this year broken stone paths are trending. We’re seeing designers implementing these into their designs in 2023. It’s a great way to develop a sense of direction and timeliness into your space. We’ll be trying this one at home.

23. People

Bringing people together is always going to be a trend for backyards and gardens. If there’s one thing we’ve seen this decade it’s the value of spending time with people we appreciate and any backyard, garden or patio design should be people focused. Spend time with those you love and your space will always be on trend.

We hope this edition of our design guide is helpful, we’re passionate about outdoor design, outdoor furniture and of course, outdoor umbrellas. If you’d like more ideas in your inbox subscribe to our newsletters and we’ll send you information and ideas for your backyard space.

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