Top Chef’s Restaurant Design Enhanced with Outdoor Shade

linger headerThe hospitality industry is undergoing a massive shift, from health regulations to the democratisation of cooking through the proliferation of social media, restaurateurs around the world are looking for fresh ideas to bring patrons back to their establishments with inspiring spaces, inquisitive menus and inventive hooks to bring people in.

Chef Jeffrey Jew has presented his first solo venture, Lingr. Nestled in the Downtown South University Park area of St. Petersburg, FL, the Nordic and Asian-inspired restaurant is a mixture of Chef Jew's love of the local area, his heritage and years of culinary experience.

In early 2020 Chef Jew approached Shadowspec to provide a shade solution for his outdoor space. Working with our shade specialists, we helped cover the outdoor space with a suite of our flagship Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrellas.

The outdoor dining space at Lingr is open and inviting with a clever selection of tonally matched seats paired with a selection of seating options to assist with dwell time. The smart blend of wooden flooring and polished concrete create distinct zones that are both welcoming and classy to suit the overall vibe of the restaurant. Topping all of this off is the Shadowspec Unity Umbrellas, designed for the hospitality industry to be easy to use and provide luxury shade all year round.

Shade is important in Southern Florida and not leaving umbrellas, that match the vibe of the space, off the shopping list has done wonders for the outdoor space. Using two Shadowspec Unity Quattors to cover the main dining area and bench seating. A further two Shadowspec Unity Duo's are perched over the more casual loungers creating an inviting outdoor space.

Shadowspec is proud to partner and support restauranteurs and hospitality professionals and the architects they work with to provide not only the umbrellas but the resources to enable the design and layout of the umbrellas. We provided the architects of the Lingr project with CAD files so they could visualise the design and submit feedback to the client.


It's no secret that the industry has had to adapt and evolve in 2020, the prevalence of outdoor dining is an essential business decision that smart restauranteurs are currently making. As restaurants adapt to current circumstances, many are designing for safe interactions with staff, customers and suppliers to ensure a comfortable dining experience and life.

With all the challenges in the setup of his first restaurant, Chef Jeffrey Jew has created a great place to linger long into the night with great food, great drinks and of course, great shade.

Are you interested in a Shadowspec Unity™ for your restaurant or hotel you can download our catalogue here.


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